“Full stack” designer:

I develope and produce e-learning.

My background is in educational design: I have several years of service in special needs pedagogy, creative projects, and facilitation of processes. I live and breathe facilitating people to flourish. IT, i.e., is a potent tool and we have only begun to understand its implications for learning and training.
The urge to try new paths has led me to become a mature student and with cand.paed.it on my resume I am now ready to do good work, teaching with technology:
I analyze e-learning/training designs and gamified contexts to describe diverse audiences in regard to motivation and to optimise existing products/services. The analysis can be used for “learning analytics”, ie qualitative statistical processing to determine the effect.


I am an Educational Designer, I studied Game Design as an elective course and tried out using statistics when writing my master thesis and I am always open to new and exciting projects and thoughts. Please feel free to write me and let’s meet up for a coffee.

Adress: Taastrup Have 40, 2. m.f., 2630 Taastrup
Mail: mail@mette-soegaard.dk

This web page is my “a person must have money and a room of his/her own if he/she wants to create” – Woolf paraphrase