“Full stack” designer:

I empathize, define, ideate, prototype, test, implement, evaluate and iterate e-learning and other processes.

If you are developing an Educational Game

– I can identify your learner’s motivation in your existing game. That way you can trim the game to fit or expand it to other groups of learners.

If your product is EdTech’ish

– I can help you with users participatory research and design followed by producing training courses or description.
– I can help you implement the use of the product, “post-sales”, workshops with the new users etc.

If you are from e-learning

– I can help you with instructional designs, coordinate with your Subject Matter Experts or design and produce your material.
– I can help you teach teachers to use the new ICT-tools without compromising all the good teaching they perform as is.
– I can help you with evaluating and measuring the effect.
– as a social educator my special interest is soft skills

I’m driven by

  • assisting people and organizations empower themselves for learning
  • Educational design, creativity, and tech
  • Right there, in the intersection, lies my interest:
  • Professional and human development
  • New ways and possibilities
  • And tech

My background is educational design: I have several years of service in special needs pedagogy, creative projects, and facilitation of processes. I live and breathe facilitating people to flourish. IT, i.e., is a potent tool and we have only begun to understand its implications for learning and training.
The urge to try new paths has led me to become a mature student and with cand.paed.it on my resume I am now ready to do good work, teaching with technology:
I analyze e-learning/training designs and gamified contexts to describe diverse audiences in regard to motivation and to optimise existing products/services. The analysis can be used for “learning analytics”, ie qualitative statistical processing to determine the effect.


I am an Educational Designer, I studied Game Design as an elective course and tried out using statistics when writing my master thesis and I am always open to new and exciting projects and thoughts. Please feel free to write me and let’s meet up for a coffee.

Adress: Taastrup Have 40, 2. m.f., 2630 Taastrup
Mail: mail@mette-soegaard.dk

This web page is my “a person must have money and a room of his/her own if he/she wants to create” – Woolf paraphrase